Who We Are

WindyHill Equine Rescue and Rehoming is a non-profit rescue organization that specializes in saving horses that find themselves in the dire situation of being on a kill lot awaiting imminent shipment outside of the US for slaughter. It is estimated that 92% are healthy and could have lived out a productive life. We believe that no horse deserves this fate and that all of them deserve a second chance.

As a rescue organization, we strive to save some of these horses and permanently rehome them with loving, responsible owners.

The horses that we rescue have gone through quarantine, had their feet trimmed, been vaccinated, dewormed, vet checked and treated as needed.  They have been loved, cared for and pampered for any emotional trauma. They are also trained or restarted as needed using Natural Horsemanship methods in order to make them great equine partners with a future.

It is a beautiful thing to see their spirit and personalities return and come back to life once they know they are safe.

Our mission is to find these lucky few loving, permanent homes, and  in the process, help raise awareness of  the cruel and inhumane fate that so many other horses will continue to face.









Caroline Rowell

Caroline Rowell


``I consider being apart of the training of the rescue horses here atWindy Hill as such a privilege with the goal of seeing them successfully rehomed to forever homes where they will be cared for and enjoyed. One of the things that is most rewarding and exciting to see is when theses horses learn to trust people and then become different horses then they were before that are now people oriented and enjoyable to be with. The recues at Windy Hill have taught me that each horse has a different story and experience from their past that will be told as they begin to be trained, but no matter what that story is, with the right love, language and leadership from us, they can become great horses that deserve a second chance at a good home.

Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan


``WindyHill Equine Rescue and Rehoming has become like a second family to me. These horses have some of the best and kindest souls that I have ever come across. It is an absolute blessing in my life to be able to learn from them; while doing my best to educate them as best as possible. Seeing just one horse find a home because of the work we do, makes it all worth it at the end of the day.`` 🙂