Welcome to WindyHill Equine Rescue and Rehoming

By September 8, 2016General

Welcome to WindyHill Equine Rescue and Rehoming and thank you for visiting our new website! Our purpose is to provide some hope for slaughter bound horses and rehome a few lucky ones along the way. There are so many horses that are sold at auctions that are bought by kill buyers. Many of them probably sold by caring owners that were attempting to rehome them and unknowingly are sending them to a brutal and cruel death. In many cases kill buyers are out bidding individuals that would have been a good home. The demand is high and the market strong for good, healthy horses in the slaughter market and until legislation is changed to protect horses from becoming slaughter bound, things will probably not change.
Awareness is the first step to change. I invite you to explore this site and see what you can do to help the horses that we love so much!

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